Zenodo – repositório de publicações e dados

ZENODO é um repositório digital multidisciplinar que possibilita a investigadores, projetos e instituições que não disponham de repositório institucional ou temático adequado a partilha e disseminação dos seus resultados científicos. O Zenodo é um repositório de dados e publicações que se integra na iniciativa levada a cabo pelo OpenAIRE – infraestrutura para o Open Access na Europa.


Enabling everyone to Share and Cite Data
Zenodo welcomes multi-disciplinary research data from any individual, scientific community or research institution. Upload allowance is generous (1GB) and can be used by institutions without their own data repository. Based on the same concept as OpenAIRE, which gathers Open Access publications across a variety of funding schemes, Zenodo provides a rich interface to link objects together with funding information.
Supporting the long-tail of research output
Any data uploaded, or collections created are harvestable via OAI-PMH by third parties: expose your collection to PubMedCentral or your local institution. For research institutions who don’t want the overhead of establishing their own data repository to support their researchers’ scientific output, this is a convenient solution. The repository accepts any data without an obvious service at hand, in a variety of formats. Zenodo fully encourages deposition under an open licence, and while it will also accept other licence types, the Zenodo community will take a lead in signalling the benefits of open licenses such as visibility and credit.
Building Collections for Scientific Communities
Zenodo adds value in that it enables users to have ownership over their unique community collections. For example, an EC funded project might like to create a collaborative space for all its research output, and can assign a range of licenses, including Creative Commons, and each dataset and publication is assigned a DOI.

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